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Hailing from the heart of Belgium, Corsendonk Brewery represents the rich tapestry of Belgian brewing tradition. Founded in 1398, Corsendonk has woven a tale of brewing craftsmanship that echoes through centuries, each chapter richer and more flavorful than the last.

Corsendonk’s dedication to authenticity is evident in their adherence to traditional brewing methods. Standout brews include the Corsendonk Pater, a dark, robust ale, and the Corsendonk Agnus, a tripel that strikes a beautiful balance between sweet and bitter notes. Each brew is a testament to centuries-old brewing techniques, perfected over time.

But tradition doesn’t stifle innovation at Corsendonk. The brewery constantly experiments with flavors and techniques, which is evident in their seasonal beers that capture the essence of Belgium’s changing landscapes.

Drinking a Corsendonk is akin to embarking on a Belgian journey, with each sip resonating with memories of cobblestoned streets, gothic architecture, and vibrant festivals. A Corsendonk beer is not just a beverage, it’s a celebration of Belgium’s rich cultural heritage.

For industry buyers in North Carolina, Corsendonk offers an authentic Belgian beer experience. These carefully crafted brews are available through the Freedom Beverage Company, ready to pour a slice of Belgium into every North Carolina glass.