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Ca’ del Brado


In the vibrant heart of Italy, from a landscape known for its wine, emerges a peculiar gem, Ca’ del Brado, a brewery that embodies Italian craftsmanship and passion for beer. This small and innovative brewery offers a refreshing departure from conventional ales, by crafting beers that are truly steeping in Italian heritage.

At the core of Ca’ del Brado’s philosophy lies the art of fermentation. Using both traditional and spontaneous fermentations, they create offerings that beautifully balance complexity and drinkability. Their product line ranges from Brett IPAs to Flemish-inspired sours, each presenting a unique symphony of flavors and aromas.

However, the innovation doesn’t stop at unique beer styles. Many of their beers age in oak barrels, formerly home to wine or spirits, which add a whole new dimension to their profiles. The techniques paint a picture of a craft brewery that respects tradition, but isn’t afraid to explore.

Ca’ del Brado isn’t just about brewing, it’s an assertion of a lifestyle. Their beers embody the lively chatter of an Italian community, the spirit of shared meals, and the joy of reveling in a well-crafted pint. It’s a celebration of life in its simplicity and its richness.

For North Carolina beer aficionados looking to venture beyond the ordinary, Ca’ del Brado’s eclectic brews are available through their official distributor; the Freedom Beverage Company.