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Browar Witnica


From the heart of Poland’s agricultural region emerges Browar Witnica, an eminent brewery renowned for its authentic Polish beers. Located in Witnica, this brewery is a custodian of Poland’s rich brewing tradition and a testament to its enduring craft.

Each brew from Browar Witnica tells a story of Polish hops, barley, and pristine water, transforming into lagers and ales through traditional brewing techniques. Whether it’s the pleasing clarity of their classic Polish lagers or the deep, malty tones of their unique ales, each beer embodies the distinctive character of its heritage.

Commitment to quality defines the essence of Browar Witnica. Their brews are carefully crafted, ensuring the taste and aroma remain faithful to Polish brewing traditions. Still, innovation is not lost in the process. By subtly blending modernity and heritage, this brewery ensures a refreshing beer experience that meets contemporary palate demands.

Browar Witnica is more than just beer; it’s a reflection of Poland’s vibrant culture, an echo of lively banquets, and a tribute to the shared kinship over a well-crafted pint. It is a celebration of a land, its people, and their longstanding connection with brewing.

For North Carolina establishments looking to offer their customers an authentic Polish beer experience, Browar Witnica’s traditional brews are available through their official distributor, Freedom Beverage Company.