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Brew Link Brewing


From the heartland of America, in Plainfield, Indiana, rises Brew Link Brewing, a craft brewery renowned for its imaginative brews and commitment to quality. Since its inception, Brew Link has carved out a unique space in the American craft beer scene with its innovative approach and unyielding dedication to craft beer aficionados.

The core of Brew Link’s ethos is the belief in the power of creativity. Utilizing locally sourced ingredients, every beer is characterized by its unique twist on traditional styles, the meticulous brewing process, and an impeccable balance. From the robust bravado of their Insert Hop Reference IPA to the smooth decadence of their Nuttercup Peanut Butter Cup Stout, each craft beer is a captivating symphony of flavor.

Yet, Brew Link is far more than just a brewery. It’s a hub of creativity where tradition and innovation dance a delicate tango. Through their skillful craft, they bring together the community, fostering a culture of camaraderie over pint glasses brimming with extraordinary brews.

Brew Link Brewing encapsulates Hoosier hospitality, creative fervor, and a relentless pursuit of brewing excellence. Each pint reflects the heart and soul of Indiana, its vibrant community, and a shared passion for outstanding craft beer.

For North Carolina businesses looking to explore the distinctive, innovative flavor profiles from America’s heartland, Brew Link Brewing’s handcrafted beers are available through Freedom Beverage Company.