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Brauerei Hofstetten


From the historic landscapes of Austria emanates Brauerei Hofstetten, a brewery that tells a tale of enduring passion and dedication to the art of beer-making. With an inception dating back to 1449, Hofstetten embodies a rich brewing legacy steeped in tradition.

The magic of Hofstetten lies in its authenticity and adherence to age-old brewing methods. With a holistic focus on quality, each beer is the result of meticulously chosen ingredients. From the classic Granitbock with its characteristic smoky notes to the crisp Hefeweizen, Hofstetten’s offerings are a revelation of Austrian brewing heritage.

However, Hofstetten is not one to shy away from innovation. Balancing the cherished traditions with modern techniques, they continue to thrill beer enthusiasts with remarkable beverage experiences. Special brews like the Kürbis Pumpkin Ale and the Neupotz Turbobock showcase their adventurous spirit and willingness to push the boundaries of flavor.

Beyond the brews, Hofstetten stands as a reflection of Austrian conviviality and cultural heritage. Each bottle encapsulates the warmth of Austrian gatherings, the rhythm of traditional music, and the shared stories over a cold lager. A Hofstetten beer is not just a drink, but a celebration of Austria’s vibrant brew-crafting history.

For establishments in North Carolina looking to elevate their beer offerings with authentic Austrian brews, Brauerei Hofstetten’s handcrafted beers are readily available via the esteemed Freedom Beverage Company.