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Brauerei Bischofshof


From the heart of Germany comes Brauerei Bischofshof, a brewery that weaves passion, tradition, and innovation into each meticulously crafted beer. With over 350 years of brewing heritage, Bischofshof represents the essence of German beer culture.

Bischofshof’s ethos is deeply rooted in upholding the Reinheitsgebot, the celebrated German Beer Purity Law of 1516, which dictates the use of only water, malt, and hops in the brewing process. From the rich, full-bodied Doppelbock to the crisp, refreshing Weissbier, each beer showcases this commitment, resulting in brews that are pure, traditional, and undeniably German.

Despite its deep connection with tradition, Bischofshof is not shy of innovation. Constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, the brewery adopts modern techniques to create beers that honour the past while offering something exciting and new.

Bischofshof’s beers are more than just a beverage – they are a celebration of German life and culture. Each sip echoes the vibrant energy of Oktoberfest, the subtle charm of Bavarian landscapes, and the dynamic spirit of the German people.

For establishments in North Carolina keen to share the authentic German beer experience with their customers, Bischofshof’s selection of exceptional beers are readily available through Freedom Beverage Company.