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Almanac Brewing Company


From the vibrant heart of San Francisco, California, the Almanac Beer Co emerges as a pioneering force in the world of craft beer. Instituted in 2010, Almanac’s journey is a story of innovation, local farm partnerships, and the unique concept of ‘farm-to-barrel’ brewing.

Almanac’s distinctness lies in their commitment to sourcing local, sustainable ingredients from Californian farmers. Every brew is a harmonious symphony of seasonal produce, from fruits, to grains, to botanicals, culminating in beer that is as varied and vibrant as California itself.

The brewing catalogue of Almanac is extensive and dynamic, featuring farm-to-barrel aged beers, crisp IPAs, and intriguing brews featuring native Californian ingredients. The result is a collection that offers a plethora of unique, unforgettable taste experiences.

Almanac is more than just a brewery—it’s a celebration of California’s rich agricultural heritage, the state’s diverse seasons, and the creative spirit of San Francisco. It’s about connecting people to the source of their beer and the land that provides it, one glass at a time.

For trade partners in North Carolina, Almanac’s vibrant array of flavors is available through the Freedom Beverage Company. Experience the blend of Californian farm produce and innovative brewing techniques from Almanac.