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Abita Brewing


From the scenic landscapes of Abita Springs, Louisiana, rises Abita Brewing, an embodiment of Southern tradition and craft beer innovation. Established in 1986, Abita’s story is one of passion, creativity, and commitment to quality.

Abita’s uniqueness stems from its use of pure artesian waters, ensuring each beer carries a signature refreshing quality. With a meticulous selection of the finest ingredients, beers like the iconic Amber, a Munich style lager, and the Turbo Dog with its deep roasted malts, offer a flavorful journey through the heart of Louisiana.

But Abita’s range goes beyond the classics. Their Harvest Series stands as a testament to innovation, drawing inspiration from Louisiana’s seasonal bounties like strawberries, pecans, and peaches. As the seasons ebb and flow, Abita ensures there’s always a fresh, local flavor to explore.

More than just beer, Abita is a reflection of Louisiana’s vibrant culture, the melodies of New Orleans’ brass bands, the comforting warmth of a gumbo pot, and the shared tales over a frosted pint. It’s a celebration of a community and its enduring spirit.

Abita’s treasure trove of flavors, available through North Carolina craft beer distributor Freedom Beverage, provides an invitation to experience the Southern spirit, sip by delightful sip.